Periodontal therapy – treatment for healthy teeth and gums

If a case of gingivitis (gum disease) is left untreated, it can worsen and become periodontitis, an inflammation of the structures and tissues that support the teeth. This is a bacterial infection that can, without treatment, lead to the recession of the gums and bone, to such an extent that teeth become loose and can fall out.

The cause of the condition is the growth of oral bacteria attached to the deposits that build up both above and below the gum line (plaque and tartar). If the periodontitis affects one or more implants, it is referred to as periimplantitis. Such cases can also lead to the loss of the affected implant.

  • Poor or incorrect oral hygiene
  • Tobacco use: smokers have a four-to-six times higher risk of developing periodontitis
  • Imbalanced blood sugar levels
  • Hormonal changes, such as those related to pregnancy
  • Mouth breathing
  • Stress-related grinding of the teeth
  • Inadequate nutrition
  • Genetic factors

After a thorough examination at the practice, we are glad to offer you an assessment of your individual risk of periodontitis, and of course to help you to reduce it as far as possible.

Since periodontitis is an infectious disease, there is a risk of passing the infection on to partners or children.

Current research confirms that the locally occurring bacteria associated with periodontitis can, if left untreated, spread via the bloodstream to the whole body.

Scientific studies have concluded that chronic periodontitis can bring a higher risk of heart disease, stroke and even premature birth.

Signs of the condition can include bleeding, red or swollen gums; loose teeth; new spaces developing between your teeth; and bad breath.

The aim of treatment is to permanently eliminate the bacteria involved in order to halt the infection. It is currently possible to treat over 90% of cases without surgery. A crucial aspect is your own individualized treatment plan. We are happy to advise you thoroughly on this.

The process is divided into a pre-treatment phase followed by the periodontitis treatment proper.

  1. In the pre-treatment phase, all hard and soft deposits above the gum line are removed in a professional teeth-cleaning session. This is carried out by our specially trained staff. The pre-treatment is rounded off with advice on oral hygiene and nutritional aspects.
  2. During the actual periodontitis treatment, the gum pockets are gently cleaned using specialized instruments and the latest ultrasonic technology. Even hard deposits on the teeth roots (scale) can be removed in this way. Thanks to local anaesthetic, this process is entirely painless.
  3. In addition to the manual removal of deposits, it can sometimes be advisable to undergo treatment using the Soft Laser. This can often avoid the need to prescribe antibiotics.

To successfully treat periodontitis, a regular regime of professional teeth cleaning is required, as well as optimal dental hygiene at home. This is necessary to avoid a future flare-up of the condition.



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